DSW 2016.9.25

We would like to proudly announce the launch of a brand new pro-wrestling organization called “Diamond Stars Wrestling.” Today we will be providing details about the inaugural show and the card.

* Event: Diamond Stars Wrestling – Inaugural Show
* Time: 9-25-2016 (doors open at 11:30 AM, show begins at 12:00)
* Location: Shin Kiba First Ring – Tokyo-to, Koto-ku, Shin Kiba 1-6-24
*Sponsor: Meiwa Entertainment
* Event office: DSW active committee (phone: 043-400-2605)
*Ticket Information:
– Special Ringside = 7000 yen (with a print board of the NWA tag champions)
– S seats = 6000 yen (first rows of the north or south sides)
– A seats = 5000 yen (second row of the north side, beyond the second row of the south side)
* Tickets available via: Pia, Korakuen Hall, Champion, (etc.)

The card for the event
– Main event: NWA World tag team match: (Champions) Rob Conway and Matt Rivera VS “Terry Man” Rob Terry and mystery partner.

– Semi final (British super slam match) : Dean Allmark VS Minoru Tanaka
– Other matches will be announced soon (featuring both male and female talent)

Further details about the event

There are currently countless pro-wrestling organizations all over Japan. The wrestling industry has seen its ups and downs over the years and even survived an all-time down era referred to by many as “the winter of professional wrestling.” Despite some hard times however, pro-wrestling continues to exist in Japan.

Many say that New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) is the clear lone-survivor, but this is not the case. Many smaller organizations are continually putting on successful shows. That being said, the truth is that most organizations in Japan are built around and follow the same model. There is not much variation no matter which you go to see. From the opening bout to the main event, it has become very predictable in format. People have come to know what to expect which has led to a stale product.

With our new, upcoming “Diamond Stars Pro Wrestling” from the opening bell to the end of the show, we can promise a broad range of styles, characters, and surprises. Imagine a child’s wind-up toy box; you never know what is going to pop out. Our aim is for a unique blend of American pro-wrestling, traditional Japanese style, various martial arts, and lucha style pro-wrestling. Our first show will be held on September 25th at Shin Kiba First Ring.

As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” So we hope that you will take the time to check out and cover our new product.

All of the talent and organization affiliation will be announced as soon as contracts are completed.

The Card

Our very first main event will feature the active NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) World Tag Team champions. The NWA has a long-running tradition and history and this match will surely prove to give the fans “an American classic.”
Rob Conway, one of the tag champions, is a long time veteran of the sport, former WWE superstar, and former NWA World Heavyweight champion. He is the current number one contender for another shot at the heavyweight belt.
His partner, Matt Rivera, has fought hard in the Tennessee region and shot up the ranks to his current position. He is known as a very intellectual wrestler whom Conway personally chose to tag with when chasing the belts.
On the other side of the ring will be the team of Rob Terry, formally of TNA fame. He has one of the most impressive physiques to ever enter a Japanese wrestling ring, far surpassing the likes of even the legendary Hulk Hogan. Two years ago when Terry appeared in Wrestle-1, he was still lacking in experience. However, he has sharpened his skills in TNA and is now a complete wrestler.
Sometimes when wrestlers are billed as “giants” you meet them in person and think “that’s it?” Terry on the other hand is a legit 190 cm tall and a true living monster.
His partner is still a mystery as negotiations are currently being held. We can assure you that it will be a worthy talent though, and the fans will be on the edge of their seat not knowing who will arise victorious. One of our aims at Diamond Stars Pro Wrestling is to give everyone a great, entertaining show that is not too predictable.
The semi-final match will feature Dean Allmark, a British superstar who has studied the likes of Karl Gotch and Bill Robinson amongst other wrestling legends. He brings to the ring a blend of the “Catch as catch can” teachings of Gotch and Robinson along with the famous Lancashire Style of wrestling. AllStars Wrestling has 45 years of experience and has appeared in over 30 different pro-wrestling organizations. He has held a number of prestigious championships and has too many wrestling accolades to count. He has even topped the Japanese legend Jushin Thunder Liger on British soil.
Many were stunned at Allmark’s skills when he took on Yoshioka in Wrestle-1 a few years back.
Facing him will be one of Japan’s most talented wrstlers, Minoru Tanaka. If at the time of this match Allmark is holding a championship belt, it will be on the line in this clash of two icons. This is surely one match that no wrestling fan will want to miss.

Diamond Stars Wrestling Staff

– Chairman (CEO) : Hideo Shimada
– President (COO) : Tamashiro Ankei(Riki)
– North American branch president : Jimmy Suzuki
– Referee manager : Wally Yamaguchi
– Commissioner : Masayuki Uchida
– Adviser : Tarzan Yamamoto

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